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Ever wondered how and where the Charlie Noble range is produced?

Here's how the Bat & Ball set are meticulously put together, drag to find out:


  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallSustainable Canadia maple and American walnut
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallA cheeky little salmon
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallMarcus waving a fine hello to England
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallEngland's green and pleasant land
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallStrong as a bull but in dungarees
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallHard at work
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallWhere the magic starts
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallMartin meticulously planing
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallFuel for the British
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallRobert squeezing the wood nice and tight
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallPaul ensuring it all fits perfectly
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallMa'am
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallBat handles not four candles
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallA pleasure to hold such beauty
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallTop notch bats pass this point
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallA gorgeous couple

This is how the Charlie Noble is constructed, drag to find out:

  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallBeautiful British cows
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallFarmer Giles looking after his cattle
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallThe leather tannery where incredible leather is made
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallA leather hide fit for a king
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallFrom Scotland to London
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallrMartin meticulously planing the
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallMarvellously skillful chapesses and chaps stitching your Charlie Noble
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallCut 'em out
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallPin 'em down
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallStitch 'em up
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallWhat a beauty!
  • Charlie-Noble-Bat-&-BallWho's that fabulous couple?

Illustrations by Ciaran Finnegan