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Charlie Noble production

Inconspicuously raising a glass to yourself, holding just enough of a wry smile so those in the know acknowledge you. Whilst downplaying your success, you nonchalantly take it all in your stride. After all, you put your jeans on one leg at a time like the rest of them.

Charlie Noble grips your attention as you’re smart enough to cut the wheat from the chaff. That’s our philosophy. We all hanker after craftsmanship and quality, that ever so smug feeling when bringing in a new client or signing that contract or just having a great hair day.

You are Charlie. You're in on the secret now. The subtle emboss of Charlie’s name (your wry smile), the skill and finesse it takes to produce moments of magic and, of course, that pat on the back when you’re feeling just bloody fantastic and of course, playing it very cool.

The hard graft has been done, the painstaking hours in the office, at the design studio, talking to anyone and everyone you needed to. Now, it’s time to sling your Charlie Noble over your shoulder, strut through Hyde Park, the Dubai corniche or Central Park, grasp those beautifully made bats and allow the pleasure to wash over you.